Dean Law Faculty

The philosophy of the law programme in Ebonyi state University is to produce graduates who would use the law to resolve various social, political and economic conflicts in society.

Pursuant to the above philosophy, the Faculty seeks to equip the students with thorough understanding of the following:

  1. The nature of Law and its functions, both in the administration of justice and in the operation of the other activities of a modern state.
  2. The processes employed in determining what the Law is, and applying its rules to new situations;
  3. The organization of the legal profession and the machinery of justice;
  4. The emphasis on the Nigerian Legal System and Practice in particular, and principles of Law in Common and Civil Law countries, in general;
  5. The relationship of Law to other Social Sciences and to the general framework of society;
  6. The principles of International Organizations, Trade, Economic Relations, International organization Agencies.Note:
    Subjects like Legal Clinic, Legal System, Jurisprudence and Legal Theory, and Research projects are multi-departmental.  While the aim of departmentalization is to encourage specialization, yet mutual co-operation, assistance and across multi-departmental teachings and research are always encouraged to ensure smooth running of the Faculty.Service Courses
    The Faculty offers service courses to a number of Departments outside the Faculty of Law.  These service courses are as follows:
    (a)     Basic Business Law:  For students in the Departments of Accountancy, Banking and Finance, Business Administration, Mass Communication, and Management Sciences.  It is also offered to Work and Study Programme and Diploma students.
    (b)     Introduction to Nigerian Law:  For students in the Departments of Political Science, Economics, Public Administration and Sociology.
    (c)      Banking and Insurance Law:  For students in the Departments of Management Sciences.

    The Faculty of Law, Ebonyi State University recognizes that the legal profession is a unique field of human endeavour, which by its nature requires of its practitioner, a high standard of discipline and moral rectitude.  The Faculty, therefore, maintains in strict formality, moral and professional precepts which are binding on all students.  This is with the aim of ensuring that the average student of the Faculty comports himself/herself in a proper manner with a view to cultivating this culture of discipline.
    In furtherance of this goal, it is required of each student of the Faculty to signs an undertaking at the beginning of each session to maintain those moral and professional precepts.  This requirement is a pre-condition for registration.  The undertaking once signed by the student, becomes an obligation:-
    (a)     To abide by all academic rules and regulations of the University and in particular the Faculty of Law and all rules and regulations made pursuant to them.
    (b)     To abide by the rules and regulations of the University and, the Constitution of the Law Students Association and all rules and regulations made pursuant to them.
    (c)      To conduct himself/herself in a manner consistent with his/her training as a would-be-lawyer and be of good behavior.
    (d)     To do all manner of acts required of him/her by the University and the Faculty for the proper pursuit of his/her training, throughout the duration of his/her course in the Faculty.
    The undertaking is read by the student before the Faculty Officer who countersigns at the point of first registration.

    Dressing in formal attire is one of the attributes of legal practitioners.  It is necessary for the students to be properly dressed at all times.  The dress code for the law students of this University requires all students to appear in the right mode for all purposes and at all times within the Faculty, and in all such other places or functions where it is deemed absolutely necessary.  The colour combination for the male students is a black suit on a white shirt, and a properly knotted black tie over a well polished pair of black shoes to match.  For the female students, a black jacket on a white blouse over a black skirt and a well polished pair of black ladies’ shoes to match.  This is the ideal mode of dressing.  At no point will ladies be allowed to appear at official functions in trousers or jeans.
    Dean’s Honours Roll
    The Faculty of Law awards a Dean’s Honours Certificate to the best student who excelled in both academic performance and exemplary behavior each academic session.  To be considered for the award, the student must have shown exemplary behavior among his peers in the class, in general comportment in dealing with other students, lecturers and staff and finally, must have obtained and maintained the highest academic record in the Faculty for that academic session.  Winners will have their names and photographs printed on a special board designed for the Dean’s Honours list.

    Law Week
    In every academic session, the Faculty of Law sets aside one week of activities geared towards creating awareness and enhancing the prestige of the legal profession.  The Law Students Association (LAWSA) plays a prominent role in the organization of the Faculty Week.