ICT/Research Center


EBSU ICT/Research Centre aims to make it possible for both the University Community and in fact the whole of Ebonyi State to become computer and information technology compliant in order for them to occupy their right position in this information driven age.


The ICT/Research Centre has come just in time to:

  • Bring Information Technology (IT) to the doorstep of Ebonyi people.
  • Furnish the University Community with the latest development in the World of Information and Allied Technology in their various areas of interest.
  • Create an Information Technology Forum regularly, where IT issues, prospects, opportunities, problems and solutions are expounded by experts.
  • Provide a web-based bulletin board through which people could learn of offers, IT-jobs, scholarships and other opportunities and important events.
  • Stimulate interest in, and provide guidance on, harnessing the Internet for business as well as show members how to start and successfully operate an On-Line Business.
  • Catalyze the procurement and use of vital business and industrial information through Web-Based Information Flow, in order to stimulate our economy.
  • Demonstrate how IT can be of immense value to every person, whether poor or rich, self-employed or civil servant, healthy or physically challenged, male or female, farmer or in white-collar job, educated or illiterate.
  • Give Ebonyi people a head-start towards economic emancipation, bridging of the poverty gap, and achieving a self-sustaining and vibrant economy.
  • Open the eyes of many into the Information Technology World so that the genius among us can manifest easily.
  • Stimulate constant interaction among our people in a manner that maximizes our Mutual advantages and places us once more into our rightful position in the global
    scheme of things.
  • Provide a solid platform for skill acquisition in the important areas of e-learning, e-governance, virtual offices, e-commerce and e-business.
  • Educate interested people to international certification standards in high-tech areas.


Our mission is to empower people through the provision of excellent computer and information technology acquisition programmes with unbeatable customer services.

The philosophy guiding the operation of EBSU ICT/Research Centre is to move towards unalloyed success in every aspect of her operations. The following are the highlights:

  • Integrity : We believe and pursue integrity as the cornerstone of our business relationships.
  • Management : We believe and demonstrate management as the art of leading people to accomplish stated objectives.
  • Planning : We believe that planning is the art of preparing for change. Therefore, we use planning as a management tool, to keep us prepared for those changes that must come.
  • Customers : We believe that nothing happens in any business, until one makes a sale and sales are made only to customers. So we exist for our customers.
  • Employees : We believe that well-trained, highly motivated employees are the most important means of serving our customers. Therefore, we continue to select, train, and reward employees who place customer satisfaction first.
  • Profit : Our ability to properly service our customers depends on our long-term profitability. Profitability to us means the optimum satisfaction of the stakeholders.
  • Growth : We believe growth is a logical consequence of a well-managed enterprise. So we are committed to measurable growth.
  • Community : We believe that a profitable growing business should, from its abundance, invest in the community that sustains it. We are therefore poised to always put the interest of Ebonyi State communities at heart as we strategize for the future.