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Faculty of Basic Medical Science                                                          

The Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki, was founded in 1992 as a component of Abakaliki campus of the Enugu State University of Science  and Technology  (ESUT). It  was established to train the much needed medical and  paramedical manpower in the then Enugu State which  comprised the present Ebonyi State among other areas. Following the creation of Ebonyi  State in October 1996, the Abakaliki Campus of ESUT was inherited by Ebonyi State. In 1999, Ebonyi Stae Government enacted a law establishing the University. The Faculty was indeed  among the pioneer faculties at the inception of the Ebonyi State University as a full-fledged University. The Faculty in conjunction with the sister faculty of Clinical Medicine got accredited in May 1998 by the Nigerian Medical and Dental Council (NM&DC). This was followed by the 1st successful NUC accreditation in, April 2002. Suffice it to say that this faculty was initially saddled with the responsibility of preparing students for clinical studies in the Faculty of Clinical Medicine of the University. Invariably, the faculty does not graduate MBBS students. However, in 2006 the Faculty introduced Bachelor of Science (B.Sc), Master of Sciences (M.Sc) and Ph.D. degree  programmes in Anatomy and Physiology departments. The B.Sc programme of Anatomy department got interim accreditation by the NUC in June, 2011 and has produced the first set of graduates. So far, the faculty has successfully conducted a total of fifteen 2nd MBBS Professional Examinations. Thus the faculty has turned out fifteen sets of students to the Clinical Faculty since inception. The faculty constitutes of three complementary departments viz; Anatomy. Physiology and Medical Biochemistry. It is pertinent to mention here that these departments complement the efforts of one another to prepare MBBS students for Clinical  Studies. So far the  administrative leadership of the Faculty has been piloted by a series of Deans. Prof. M.U.K. Mgbodile was the pioneer Dean of the Faculty from 1992 – 1998. He was succeeded by Prof. C.O. Diribe, 1998 – 2004. Prof A.O.C. Akpa held the position between 2004 – 2008 and was succeeded by Prof G.C. Ezeilo in August 2008 – April 2009. In April 2009, Prof. S.O. Elom took over the leadership of the Faculty till date.



To offer sound basic scientific knowledge to preclinical and paramedical students with a view to producing high quality and employable graduates with high competence and entrepreneurial  Skills.



1.      To prepare preclinical and premedical students   to understand the basic medical sciences – Anatomy, Medical Biochemistry  and Physiology.

2.      To complement the efforts of the clinical faculty in training doctors with a sound scientific knowledge of medicine and medical practices.

3.      To produce high quality graduates in Anatomy

4.      To produce high quality postgraduates with M.Sc. and Ph.D degrees in Anatomy, Medical Biochemistry and Physiology.



The Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences provided the scientific foundations for the study of the functions and structure of the living human body and the chemical reactions within the living cells. This knowledge is required for the understanding of the effects of damage to the body caused by diseases (in the training of doctors, nurses, medical laboratory scientists, dentists and in need all allied health programmes.

Research activities, basic or applied are encouraged and  postgraduate training has started  in Physiology and Anatomy  and is  being planned for Medical Biochemistry. These activities are intended to strengthen the academic  background of the pre-clinical teachers and solve the perennial problem of staff shortage in these areas.


Student’s Accommodation

Our Pre-Clinical Students are housed in  decent but privately owned off campus hostels situated 3 poles away from the campus. The buildings one for male and the other for female medical students have constant water supply and electricity.

Library Facility

The Medical Library is located at University Teaching Hospital, less than 1 km away from the Campus.



All candidates seeking admission into any first Degree programme in the faculty of basic medical sciences should  in addition to meeting the minimum cut-off point of the faculty possess at least a credit pass in English and Mathematics and in the three core courses  of the faculty,  (biology, chemistry and physics) at one sitting in  WAEC or NECO. The applicant must have passed English, Physics, Biology and Chemistry at  acceptable standard in UMTE or Pre Degree.



All candidates seeking for direct entry admission into any programme in the faculty must in addition to possessing at least a credit pass in English and Mathematics and in the three core subjects of the faculty, (biology, chemistry and physics) in one sitting acquire at least B.Sc. 2nd class upper division in any biological science course.



Inter-university transfer into the university according to the regulation is strictly on the request of the visitor of the university. Consequent upon the University regulation, inter-university transfer into the faculty of basic medical sciences would only be on a special request from the university visitor.


Intra-university transfer of students shall only be based on student’s CGPA. Students seeking a transfer to the faculty shall be required to obtain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 4.00 in any biological science course. Transfers shall only be allowed from 100 level and subject to availability of vacancy. Students who withdrew from MBBS programme as a result of inability to pass the 2nd MBBS exam shall be required to make a minimum CGPA of 2.00  to be granted transfer to Anatomy.



Pre-Med students shall be required to pass at a minimum grade of 50% in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics to be qualified to proceed to 2nd MBBS class.

Any pre-med student who fails only one of the core subjects shall be required to repeat the year.

Any Pre-Med student who fails after repeating the year shall be required to withdraw from the MBBS programme.

Pre-Med students who score less than an average of 50% in more than one of the core subjects shall be required to withdraw.

Any Pre-Med student who fails to make a pass grade in any of the  Recommended GST courses or/and Mathematics and English shall be required to re-register the course and carry not more than 24  credit loads for each semester.



The Pass Mark for Pre-Medical Programme is 50 

In obtaining  the 50% in the individual courses, the weighted average of the sum of the 1st and 2nd semester courses is divided by the number of courses. The average score is weighted on 75% for Chemistry and Physics Essay and 25% for the Practicals, while  Biology weighs at 86% for Essay and 14% for Practical.



The 2nd MBBS examination shall be held after 4 semester of instructions normally in June. MB students who pass the 3 courses shall proceed to the Faculty of Clinical  Medicine for Clinical Studies.

Candidate(s) who is fails in one (1) course only shall be required to do a resit examination three months after the main examination, in the course in which he/she failed. The resit exams shall only be in Essay and MCQ.

Candidate(s) who fails in 2 or more courses at the 1st attempt shall be required to repeat the entire  examinations in 12 months after further instructions.

Candidate(s) who score less than 50% in all the 3 courses in the 1st attempt shall be required to withdraw from the Faculty.

Candidate(s) who fails in the resit shall be deemed to have failed the entire MBBS examination and shall be required  to repeat the entire examinations in the next available time after further instructions in the 3 courses.

Candidate(s) who fails in 2 or more courses in 2 consecutive attempts shall be required  to withdraw from the programme.


Faculty Board approved 2nd MB Result Computation for the three (3) Departments

Incourse    4 marks per Semester 


30 (Continous Assessment)

Mock examination


Steeple Chasse/Manual/Practicals 





Main Examination (Essay 40, MCQ 25)










Any student  unable to sit for any semester/MB examination on the account of ill-health shall be required to submit a medical certificate from the Direct of University Medical Centre of the Teaching Hospital not later than 48 hours from the date of the examination. Any student unable to sit for any 2nd MB examination for reasons other than iii-health shall be required to report to the Dean through the Heads of Department in writing giving details of the reasons for his/her absence from the examination within 48 hours.

Where  the conditions stipulated above have been certified and approval given, the student shall be required to re-register and take the said course at the next appropriate semester/next available time as 1st attempt. 

Where a student fails to sit for the end of semester/MB examination in any course without valid reason(s) as stipulated above, the student is deemed to have failed the course, and as such shall take the course at the next appropriate time or available time as second attempt.→


















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